The Love Of Your Life Has That Warmth That You’ll Never Find Anywhere Else

a wise woman once said

we are a reflection of our lovers

we create one air

we take half and half of our hearts

sew them together

place it on the table

where we dine

sit across each other

like many first dates

and the other halves 

are left to dream and pump fresh flowers 

for the body to bloom with

Love is the most beautiful thing that happens between two people when they breathe each other’s spirit. It doesn’t matter which one of them is the man and which one is the woman. You give and receive what you need. This is how love is and the lover fills you with more of it.

Love is naked, hot, and wanting. Tell them what you need and desire because honesty is the pillar of connections. To be truthful to a lover is treating you both with kindness. No one deserves the trouble of being the last to know that there was a typhoon warning.

God forbid that you begin to want different things outside that love and when you do, listen to your soul pleading. When you keep it in, you keep yourself trapped. You’re allowing your soul to die of that weight. You’re lost and they will see it. It will pick their brains, confuse them, and ruin them if you don’t open up about the storm that is happening to you.

I used to say one should get out of a relationship when it becomes  toxic but now I think it’s terrible to leave people at their worst. You can only love them with all you’ve got
And if you really want them in your life, don’t let it get to that point.

There are drinks and dancing for boredom. There are pills for sleeplessness. There are shots for pain. And yet it is far more lovely to feel because it’s more real like the worlds we go to when we’re lost in our own.

Love them- you always will because you can’t just erase the things you’ve given your life to and the souls that you’ve made a home for, for the longest, greatest, most beautiful times.

Love works when both lovers are working and happy. I was high when I wrote this. I thought I was only trying to make sense of what was happening between me and my lover. Today I see that I did something right. And it’s such a good feeling to know that I do know how to love. I had to be selfish but seeing how off I’ve gone, I also learned to be selfless.

The most important question I’ve been asked my whole life is Are you happy?

So I’m asking you. Are they happy? Are you?

Thank you for reading! You can get more of my poems here.

Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

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