I Don’t Like Giving Advice


I am not the one to give relationship advice

because I will tell you what you may not want to hear.

You aren’t meant to save the love of your life

and if there’s anyone worth saving,

look in the mirror.


I promise to listen,

share what I’ve learned.

I can’t swear that my response

is enough to soothe you.


You can take it or leave it.

My heart was hanging on the sleeves

of boys and men who didn’t bother to

keep us open.

You can trust me when I say that I’ve been there.

I will lay it out in daylight.

I can tell you to focus on your art.

I can tell you to put school first.

I can tell you to get laid.

It costs me nothing to say

I’m touching a man’s boner in a poem

while telling him to stop drinking

and eat me instead.

But he may or may not listen.


What I want you to know is,

you’re the one behind the wheel

and I hope you drive safely next time.


My book is available to download. Check here:

Floral Moans by Kristina Taylor

Floral Moans is an erotic collection of poems expressed in powerful, sensual and intimate purrings of the soul celebrating female sexuality in love and lamentations for the goddess within and her lover(s).


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