Oct. 1st, Coffee Day // Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash


i want to sleep with you, if only every night. i love waking up to your skin.

never mind that we kiss in the dark. we glow as we hide.

time is jealous, never slowing down for us.

we don’t seem to be wasting any. painting ceilings, cruising skies.

breathing on my shoulder, no clue what’s on my mind.

the fairy lights come closer. the lilies bend to hear me sigh-

how do i love you
without wanting you
to be mine?


Kristina Taylor is a poet, mother and significant other who is passionate about writing erotic poetry, loves books and all things soul. Buy her book below:


Floral Moans

Floral Moans is a book of poetry and short prose by Kristina Taylor. Her work is an empowering collection of intimate and erotic poems based on romantic relationships and self-love. She gives literature a shameless fizz, writing raw and felinely to remind us of our sexual nature as lust is not a fall from grace but an awakening to a beautiful part of humanity. This book is a lesson of passion and pain teaching us that we, as humans, are the main source of love that leads to overcoming insecurities and healing from loss and failure. Note: This is an ebook.



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