I Am Glowing In Your Love And I Want You To Know This

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

The day after you came back, you said there was something different about me. You thought maybe it’s the new lace you bought that lifted my spirit up. That makes me smile more and talk to strangers like my tongue is more languid and my words are fluid.

Confidence. I did not see this coming either. I’m sure it’s not the lingerie although I adore it.

Maybe it’s the sex, I say mindlessly while dipping a piece of our favorite roti in hummus at Live By Healthy Kitchen.

Maybe it was the food. Maybe it was the red berry tea at the cafe.

No, my inner voice said. It’s you. It’s us. It’s love. I’m happy.

Your love has always made me glow. Your heart, which claims to be undersized after all the breaking, is as huge as the light you’ve reflected on me.

I had a gray flu while you were gone. Maybe all I needed was your warmth. All I needed was for you to be here and make love to me. To be entirely present-mind, body, and soul.

The car stereo is ranting about the drug war, Duterte, and Trump on our way home but for the first time, the anchor didn’t sound like a grumpy old miser and we didn’t bother to be distracted by the news. The rain is chilling but we had enough body heat to battle the cold. Tonight we’ll be in bed daring each other to dance naked outside under the tail of the storm and maybe someday I wish to be dancing in the drizzle with you.

You are the first person I’ve ever enjoyed the rain with. If I am asked to tell a story about how two souls become one, I would say,

They grow into each other and bloom together. And one day, they become the same picture. It starts when you are willing to commit to getting to know and accept one another. Work on the cracks and plant herbs between them. This is how love between two people becomes strong and sacred. Through this, we are one.

You are wonderful and I will never stop letting you know that.

Your love is my glow,

as my glow is your reflection and as long as there is love,

the light never goes out.

Kristina Taylor

Thank you for reading. My book Floral Moans is available on Amazon. Click here to get a copy!

2 thoughts on “I Am Glowing In Your Love And I Want You To Know This

  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman


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