Photo by Edewaa Foster on Unsplash

my lover wild
is a tiger with his stripes all over me

i’m on my thin elbows
stomach flat on the cream linen
your hands cup my swooning face
a smile forming into an open pout
your lips are mine
my mouth is yours
unhurried kisses
chasing breaths
in the aching claws
teeth biting
on rising skin
on your ear
on my shoulder

i want your hot leaping pulse
i want to give you my liquid heat
gushing in tender speed
rolling on my back to offer
your navigating hands
a discovery

my knees caterwauling
my wet whimpering deep

have you seen how a cat
stretches herself in all fours
this is how i watch your boat
sailing in my blended nucleus
a hurricane sucking you in
like the whole Bahamas
the tiger, lover wild
a different world
inside of me
i want to crawl to your
longing pelvic bones
licking their soaring need
do you taste like mangoes
green or gold

how do your strokes
feel in my gaping regions

here lies you
here rides i
where there is no night
no day
no time
on your bed
where no side
no space
is yours
or mine


Thank you for reading a poem from my book Floral Moans. Click here to buy a copy!

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