What I Learned About Writing Poetry In 2019 Is You Need To Stay Human

When writing poetry you need to stay human and as human as possible without sugar-coating life itself. It’s like adulting forever and it’s not easy. It’s not that difficult writing without an audience. If you are, then you have to give your readers what they want to absorb.

You meditate by yourself but not for yourself. You meditate for everyone.

-Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life

You can never write too many poems or have too many thoughts and emotions. You don’t always need positive energy. Things become positive when you deal with your feelings by not being destructive. Is creativity the answer? Is productivity the whole cause? It’s not about doing what we love anymore.

For some of us, living is enough. And when you’re not living, what do you have to write about? When you’re writing about someone, you only get to see them as you see them. When your poems are always about someone else’s truth, is it really the truth?

Writing poetry is sex. You keep your pen moving and you would rather do it in private. A locked door, walls that block outside noise.

Writing poetry is consensual sex. You bask in writing what you are drawn to. Foreplay is when you allow inspiration to penetrate your mind.

Writing is slow-fucking and rough sex. You let the muse engulf you in the thickness of her honey and its flavor. Your muse is anything, anyone that moves you to get that pen running.

Writing is intimate sex. Don’t think too much about the words. Write what your veins are saying. My readers want REAL, so I try to give them raw, real, and relatable. And I try to sound good. But poems aren’t just little thought-provoking statements you can call poetry without the figurative and suggestive elements it requires.

A friend who is also a poet once told me to find my flow. I think I know what it is now. Knowing is not enough, I need practice.

Writing is a zipless fuck. Zipless fuck is my favorite term for losing control of the pen, two notorious words invented by Erica Jong who wrote the legendary novel “Fear of Flying”.

When writing, I write free.

Write the shit out of your muse. Give the paper or the screen undivided attention the way you go down on someone. Writing is a quickie hoping you don’t get caught.

Write happy. Write scared.  Sometimes it’s painful but some thoughts are worth expressing. Don’t look up till you’re done. XO, Kristina Taylor

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